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an experiment done pretty well


Right off the bat, I was told that "Fieronymus VII is an experiment in the hybridization of music and storytelling." I am so glad that this was explained to me first. Because if I went into this cold I am pretty sure I would not have given it a proper chance.

After listening to Fieronymus VII I am not sure that I am qualified to write this review. Because the experience was so unlike anything I have heard before. This is not your standard audiobook in the sense that the narrator narrates everything within the story. Sure there are characters but there is that one really important one that many people do not talk about. That is the narrator, the one who is telling the story, explaining the scenery and such. Fieronymus VII had no such story narrator.

This was a story driven by only dialog and, I think original, music and/or effects. Forcing me, the listener, to make up the story in my head. Using the music as the driving force of imagination. The best part about the music is it did not overpower any of the dialog.

The uncredited narrators did well. The main voice for Fieronymus was a little nasally for my tastes, yet he performed well. I am not sure how many individuals were involved in voicing this. My guess would be half a dozen or so. They were all clear and injected the appropriate emotions.

Pretty new age stuff going on here. However, I found it enjoyable to listen to. The music was very well done. The storyline was pretty simple yet entertaining. I would listen to another production of this sort, although I may not go out of my way to seek them out.

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