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489 Ratings
Squall ,

A Step Backwards

It can't be expected that the entire soundtrack would be as high-quality as the ones before this seeing as Nobuo didn't compose all the songs here. While the tracks by Masashi are generally pretty good (especially Servants of the Mountain), Junya's tracks tend to falter, oftentimes being a little too bland for their own good. While some of these songs work well in setting the stage in the game, they aren't very interesting on their own. (Note: None of the tracks are actually composed by all three people. Check ffmusic.info for an accurate list of the composers of each song.) However, Nobuo, as usual, creates some excellent themes (Zanarkand, Hymn of the Fayth, Auron's Theme, Via Purifico). It's a real shame that Nobuo is moving on to other projects since the Final Fantasy series will sorely miss him and his beautiful music. This soundtrack gets one star deduction simply because Junya's tracks aren't very interesting to listen to on their own. Nobuo's excellent compositions and Masashi's general competence mostly pick up the slack.

MonkeyGalKnowsBest ,

Came From A Game?

These tracks sound like they came from a movie! After listening to them and then realizing that it's from a game, I'm thinking it's too good to be true! There's nothiing more to say about it, besides the fact that these tracks will make your emotions spin, just like in the games!

My Top 10 Faves-

1. Assult
2. The Final Battle
3. Ending Theme
4. Zanarkand
5. Yuna's Theme
6. Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?) <both versions>
7. Fight With Seymour
8. Servants of the Mountian
9. Rikku's Theme
10. Run!!


Best Video Game Soundtrack of All Time

Final Fantasy X is my favorite RPG game ever so having the soundtrack is awesome. Junya Nakano, Massashi Hamauzu & Nobuo Uematsu are very talented and genious. The songs on the sountrack are just so awesome, they don't sound like your typical video game music (boring, never-ending techno), each song is a masterpiece in their own way. This is the perfect oppurtunity to listen to something other than the head banging rap and bubbly pop on the radio. I ussually listen to it when im doing my homework, sleeping, or just want some soothing music to listen to. I recommend the soundtrack to anyone who has played Final Fantasy X before and I recommend for anyone who hasn't played the game to do it, it is very worthwhile.

My Favorite Songs- (no specific order)

Tidus's Theme
Oui Are Al Bhed
Spira Unplugged
Braska's Daughter
Yuna's Theme
Movement In Green
Calm Before the Storm
Rikku's Theme
Macalania Woods
The Truth Revealed
Ending Theme

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