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Wow. Just wow.


Of the recent Final Fantasy soundtracks, I loved the one for FFX. The game was so amazing in it's own right, and now with the piano collections, I love them even more. You will love this soundtrack. It doesn't matter who you are, if you've played the game or not, or even if you don't like piano music, this music can appeal to anybody. Aki does such a good job at this with a wide range of what he can play, and all the emotion is right there in his music. I really enjoy this album, and I really hope that you download the entire thing. One track does not do this CD justice... (but Assault is really good! XD)



If you want a break from the mainstream post modern screamo and need to have your ears mended to thoughtful and soothing melodies, nothing does any better than the music Uematsu writes. Even if you haven't played the game, if you listen to the clips you can see how the piano just pulls your heart in all different directions giving you a nice feeling on the inside. Amazing work to say the least...

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