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4.9 out of 5

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59 Ratings

Final Fantasy Music For The Final Fantasy Fan


51 Tracks of Final Fantasy Music! Growing up, I was engrossed in FF games - the graphics, story, and especially the music. This album contains fully orchestrated FF music. Be sure to check out #32 Airship (Beautiful Synthesizer). Other tracks are reminiscent of Shadow in FF3, moogles, battle music, and the classic prelude.

This is an excellent album to listen to when reading a sci-fi book - it evokes emotion that brings you deeper into the text. Spend the $15 to download this album. You will recall final fantasy memories of the past.



Kick Arse.
end of story Tanioka, Mizuta, and Uematsu.
what more can I ask for? 5 out of 5.

Perfect music for a vast world

Anna K

This was my first MMO that I played for a year, but quit due to too much time involved. The music captivates you and really fits each zone you play in. For example, the newbie area outside San d'Oria is "Ronfaure", and it sounds like peaceful forest music, just like the zone is -- until you enter a battle and the exciting battle music comes on. Even the character selection music is fitting for each race! This is 10x better than other MMO soundtracks, and since it's Final Fantasy, I'm not surprised in the least. Highlights from this album: "FFXI Opening Theme", "Airship", and "Heavens Tower".

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