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11 Ratings

Good themes

As far as online MMO music goes these are a pretty catchy bunch, any player who has heard them all has probably heard them TOO much, but they are still well crafted and just begging to be orchestrated or fleshed out more. They are pretty happy and make for GREAT listenting when you want something a little different and light. For players who are away from the game they actually may induce a lil homesickness, but still a solid group!

Faithlove Ironsoul

FFXI Rise of the Zilart - Excellent

The best music to study by, read by or write by. This is beautiful music with energy and no words. I play the game and love the music in the game. A special perc for those of us who play to recognize and enjoy our music while we study, read or write. Especially effective the headphones, iPod, etc to block out outside noise and distractions, this is just great music to engulf yourself in. Great price for great music and a large quantity of it. Get it and Enjoy!!!


Best of FFXI

If you’re reading this review, you probably have either played Final Fantasy XI or have some sort of interest in music from the Final Fantasy series. The Rise of Zilart chapter offers some of the best background tracks that FFXI has to offer. Some highlights include Battle Theme #3, Battle In the Dungeon #3, Fighters of the Crystal, and Tu’Lia. Then there’s The Sanctuary of Zitah which can be considered nothing short of majesty. This track alone makes the entire album worth the purchase.

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