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4.7 out of 5
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58 Ratings

A Final Fantasy Album Worthy of it's Name

One of the better Final Fantasy scores, this truly is both an emotional and technical roller coaster. With the most voice work of any Final Fantasy soundtrack, this album's sound is just dripping with style. You could be dancing to one track, gripped with epic caution the next, or even cry a few tears. Classic soundtrack, worthy of the Final Fantasy name and a must buy.


Naoshi Brings the Heat

Mizuta is getting better and better with each title. He has certainly come a long way since his first work in FFXI and Parasite Eve II, and I have to say, he put Hamauzu's lackluster sameness to shame in this title. Now if only the writers would pull their heads out of their rear ends and start producing GOOD stories again…. Here's to hoping Shimomura and Nomura can revive the FF magic with XV! I would love to see Mizuta with his own title though…maybe FFXVI?


The Price is Worth It

I was planning on buying FFXIII-2 OST (the 4 CDs one) for $40 - $80 online. But I was surprised that there is a $25 one on iTunes, so I immediately purchased it. Quality of the music is great, and if you enjoy dance music, this OST should have the most of it.

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