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32 Ratings

"The next big thing"

Flukeman "13"

The Brodie Stewart Band is going to be "The next big thing", worth every penny, I'm going to buy the album when it comes out too, you can't go wrong listening to this in the car crusing down the highway, in a bar playing pool, or anywhere else you are either!


Haylee Finnerty

Love the Brodie Stewart Band! So glad there music is on iTunes!

Awesome…true American country rock!!


Fine Lookin Country Girl is incredible…100% American made from the lyrics to the beat with Brodie's hard voice bringing this song alive. You can't help but tap you feet, bob your head, play air guitar and rock out. Love it!!! Can't wait to buy the album. I used to hate country but Brodie has made me into a true believer! Keep on bringin it BSB! (p.s. solid album cover--proud to be an American)

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