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Ypsilanti, Michigan-based musician Mike Connelly is best known for participating in a variety of noise and experimental projects such as Wolf Eyes, Hair Police, and Failing Lights, but he and his wife Tara Connelly have ventured into ethereal darkwave goth-rock with their group Clay Rendering. Their sound combines slow, brooding synth-pop with ominous pianos, sheets of black metal guitar, echo-shrouded vocals, and (most intriguingly) Tara's eerie accordion playing. Unlike most Wolf Eyes/Hair Police-related acts, Clay Rendering's discography isn't littered with the dozens of limited cassettes and CD-Rs that often consist of rehearsal sessions and jams (aside from the 2015 tour-only tape Smoke Holds Nothing). Instead, the duo prefer to take the time to write proper songs and craft exquisitely designed vinyl releases. Clay Rendering signed to Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions in 2013, debuting that year with the two-song Vengeance Candle 12". The following year, they released a four-song 12" EP, Waters Above the Firmament, as well as 7" single "Fire Is Fall's Rose." They made their full-length debut in 2015 with Snowthorn. ~ Paul Simpson

    Ypsilanti, MI

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