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Hailing from New York City, the Unsacred Hearts play a rough-and-tumble mixture of old-school punk, '60s garage rock, raw blues and down-and-dirty R&B that's won them an impressive reputation on the Big Apple's underground rock scene. The Unsacred Hearts were formed in late 2003 by a pair of longtime friends, guitarist Dave Siegel and drummer Travis Harrison, both of whom had recently left the indie rock band Cold Memory. Siegel and Harrison invited another friend to sing with the group, Joe Willie (who had occasionally written lyrics for Cold Memory), and Andy Ross completed the lineup on bass. In 2004, the Unsacred Hearts released their self-titled debut EP (whose seven songs zipped by in 14 minutes), but by the end of that year, Ross left the band and joined OK Go; S. Andy Bean, also a member of the Two Man Gentlemen Band, became their new bassist in 2005. Later that year, the Unsacred Hearts released a split 7" with Men in Gray, and their first full-length album, In Defense of Fort Useless, arrived in 2006. A digital-only five-song EP, Five Believers, appeared online in late 2006, and a second album is expected in 2008. ~ Mark Deming

    New York, NY

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