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Begun in 1984 as more an expression of boredom than as a means to "do something" musically, Snow Bud and the Flower People would grow into a local favorite in the Pacific Northwest, releasing a smattering of singles and albums (some of which included comic books) on such labels as Sub Pop and Tim Kerr (including releases on smaller labels and some self-released items). The initial release, a self-titled cassette, was circulated in Portland and followed up by the cassette release Vegetable Matter. Following a stint in jail -- which resulted in bandleader Snow Bud having to get bail money by relinquishing musical rights -- a comic book and accompanying album were released, getting exposure in the monthly stoner bible High Times magazine. Following that release (Green Thing), Tim Kerr released the next offering, Ripped van Stinkle. Another comic and single was released on Flying Heart, and by this time the buzz was strong enough to secure a release as a Single of the Month on legendary indie label Sub Pop. That single, "Killer Bud" b/w "Third Shelf," also included a comic, but was the last (outside of a solo record) bit of a heretofore consistent career. Snow Bud ended up in San Francisco, homeless, and was out of the picture for roughly five years. He would return to Portland and released the album Holy Smoke shortly thereafter. In the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century, Snow Bud was working on drying out and getting clean, as well as playing sporadic gigs to receptive audiences. ~ Chris True

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