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4.7 out of 5
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6 Ratings
Tommy G. ,

5 star song, 2 star dour and disjointed remix

First off, I love this song. When A&B give us a song full of hope and a positive relationship I jump all over it. The sentiment in this song is beautiful, full of a life and love finally moving and growing into something special. When I first heard the track I thought, "The remix is going to let me shout this happiness to (insert loved one) and we'll celebrate how we both saved each other." The best remixes take sad songs and let you have catharsis through dance, or take your joys and let you unabashedly celebrate. The A&B remix doesn't let you do this at all. They give you an intro to move into the song from another anthem, then BOOM, it stops. What I'd have thought would have me dancing in joy as I sang along stops entirely and I now have to merely stand with what now sounds almost like a mournful ballad without a backbeat - made all the more mournful after the beats I was just given. Then...oh wait, the chorus. Let's dance a little bit, then BOOM, stop moving and celebrating and sing along to another verrrry long ballad section (again, standing patiently instead of keeping my loving this moment of my life going). Then finally the predictible slow amp up to a chorus you can sing and jump to for a few measures (much like 'My Own Hymn' at The Gorge) before it suddenly becomes a new song entirely as though it's already bleeding to "Blue Sky Action" or another track instead of letting it be it's own creation a bit longer. I don't understand why A&B don't let us dance and sing through their mixes. It's not like we won't still feel and focus on their great songwriting. In fact I think the euphoria in the dance would make us love what they've done even more. For now I'll hold out hoping that we get Andrew Bayer or Ilan Bluestone or other Anjuna artists to turn this into a full on floor thumping anthem.

Crey:) ,


It’s outttttt!!!! “.....burningggggg burning lighttt!”🕯

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