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25 Ratings

Best I have found!!!


I am 35 years old, have adhd, and us a host of brainwave music to help me focus/study(beta), meditate(theta & alpha), visualize(gamma) and sleep(delta). In my experience I can attest that beta waves are the best for distractionless focus that requires an attentive mind. Unfortunatley there seems to be less beta wave music out there than some of the other wave types. The two best productions I have found are High Focus (Kelly Howell) and this one, Focus on ADHD. Both are very similiar in effect, and provide me the attentive flow experience I use to experience on varying medications prescribed for ADHD (Adderall, Concerta, Strattera, Ritalin. etc...). As the son of an MD, I believe in medication and modern medicine; but I am a convert to the true and real experience that brainwave music provides. Just like the medication listed above, there is an actual efficacious awareness that occurs after about 20-30 minutes of listening to this music; I can feel and notice the change.

I would recommend Focus on ADHD and High Focus to everyone, for the sake of variety and their respective effectiveness. However, Focus on ADHD is superior in that there are no verbalizations to break your concentration if you decide to loop the music so it replays over and over again. Focus on ADHD allows the user to focus for hours at a time without distraction. With High Focus, the first track begins with a short instructional disclaimer that states that the effectiveness of the music depends on stereo headphones. Thus, it is impossible to sustain a high level of concentration for longer than an 1 hour, as looping the music requires hearing this verbal disclaimer everytime track 1 starts.

I am waiting on Dr. Jeffrey Thompson to produce a strictly beta wave album for the purposes of attentive focus. In my opinion the quality of his music is superior to all others, but for some reason he refuses to market any of his productions as strictly beta and for this purpose (if I am wrong on this please post and let me know). I us his Gamma and Delta productions, as they work masterfully, and would recommend them for the purposes of over coming fear through repetitive creative visualization (Gamma) and deep restful sleep (Delta). Until then, I will use Focus on ADHD as my source of focus for those tasks that require longer than an 1 hour.

Here is a list of the artists I use and prefer:

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - (Gamma, Delta, Theta, and Alpha)
River Guerguerian - (Theta), specifically his "Tibetan Bowl Meditation" album (Best theta ever!!!)
Dr. Steve Worringham - (Beta, Gamma, and Delta)
Kelly Howell - (Beta, and music designed for more specific uses such as running)

I hope this helps!!!

nice ambient soundscape


this album is really neat. i say album, but it's really one long 60 minute track. i wasnt sure what ambient meant, but it sounds very new age and space-like, but you can literally feel the energy of it in the music. i use it to study with my mp3 player and take it anywhere, the library, school, etc. i have worked it out with my teachers at school so i can listen to it while taking tests also, as i have an IEP. it really helps me focus when im taking tests, and when im studying. i feel that for me, i had to learn the right volume (not too loud), and that it works best with a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. it has no words to distract, and no beats to distract. just a solid ambient soundscape. very cool. try it out. it works great for me.

Highly recommend for studying or working


I'm an adult student and IT Professional, used to multi-tasking and while I don't have ADD or ADHD, I was finding it hard to focus on certain material that I didn't find particularly interesting. This soundtrack really helps me focus. I think it would be beneficial to anyone who wants extra help concentrating on school or work materials, regardless of age. It's also great to listen to while reading or working in public areas as it blocks some of the extra noise. Well worth the investment!

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