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10 Ratings
Quantumpanda ,

Great concert, lousy metadata

The concert performance of Follies was a truly awesome event, and this remains the definitive cast recording of that show. The "Stavisky" filler wasn't necessary, but that's okay.

But iTunes, like all other downloadable music vendors, needs to crack down on poor tagging. I sometimes think that vendors and/or record companies employ untrained marmots to enter the tags—and cast albums are universally the worst. In the case of this album, there are tracks which fail to credit half or more of the performers (and no indication, like "ensemble", that there are others not named), and one track is credited to a completely incorrect performer (Elaine Stritch does not perform "One More Kiss"—the very idea grates like fingernails on a chalkboard, as her voice is thoroughly unsuited for that song). These are errors that can be made only by complete carelessness. And there's really no need to credit the musical director (Paul Gemignani) as a performer on every track.

So whenever I get a cast album from iTunes, or any other downloadable vendor, I have to spend time going through fixing tags. Okay, maybe some people really don't care. But most people I know who collect cast albums very much do care.

Spread the word. Every time you buy a downloadable cast album and the tags are messed up, post a review to complain. The problem won't get fixed if they don't know we care.

paulrm ,

5 stars for the album, 0 stars for iTunes

When it comes to album and cast listings, iTunes is pathetic.

In this case, this is NOT a soundtrack album. This was a staged concert, the music from which was too large for one CD so it was pushed to two CD's and the music from the film "Stavisky" was added as a "bonus" (really a filler!).

The music itself is brilliant, and the performances are stunning. This is the only good version of the music from Follies. The original cast album was abridged to fit on one vinyl LP. Songs were shortened (and recorded that way, so there isn't anything to "restore"). Some were cut.

Listen to this one and enjoy!

chentito ,

Worth it all

When you listen to Salon at Claridge #1 and #2 you will say I must have in my collection! Magnificent! Thank you Steven!

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