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Blown Away (Am Frightened)


Blown away. People, this song is really potent please i'm begging you to proceed with heavy caution. Initially, while listening to "Ethipoia" i began to sense the blood rushing through my veins and the adrenaline fist pumping , as if it were in a RAVE. My eyes started to painfully throb and strange patches of hair grew along my arms and legs. I found blood dripping from my nostrils (just from the sheer emensity of the song). Flashbacks thrashed my mind peering back to all my memories of myself ever succeeding, although that aspect was quite nice i still had a bloody nose. I stood up to gather tissues to cleanse myself and i encountered that i dually peed my pants and could no longer possess the ability to control my body. My body proceeded to rip my clothes off and run into the street in order to comprehend the feelings it's ears possesed. My body unwillingly expressed itself with extrinsic back flips and breakdancing. The bloody nose eventually staunched and i regained a foothold in controlling my body, i returned back indoors to turn off the "SAMPLE" version of Ethipopia and Purchase the FULL version.

All in All this was a succesful creative piece of work and i greatly appreciate the time that Can and Joe contributed to provide us with Authentic, Genuine and Go-Happy music
Much thanks and excellent work!

5 stars


This album is really good keep doing what you guys are doing

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