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A slice of the '70s

Dr. Teeth,

It's hard to review a soundtrack album without a review of the movie, but here it goes… It would be easy to dismiss this as just an ordinary afternoon of programming on your local classic rock station, however Rob Zombie uses these tracks to provide his film with a seamless backdrop. The real treasures on this disc are the Terry Reid tunes. The scenes in which they appear (including the end credits) are perfectly paired. My only complaint is that there are too many heavy hitters here. The impact of Free Bird is lessened because we have already heard several rock staples. Maybe a few more obscure tunes would have been more appropriate. Otherwise, this a fantastic compilation of goodies. Oh… and the movie is phenomenal.

Devil's Rejects


This is one of the best movies ever made, and its soundtrack is partly responsible for that. Rob Zombie's love for the late 70s era is well displayed here. It IS a movie soundtrack and we usually buy movie soundtracks after we see a movie as a sort of remembrance (and because we like the music to begin with). His use of the particular songs in their particular places in the movie actually brings about new emotions not experienced before when hearing the songs on the radio. I mean, who didn't get enough of "Freebird" in high school? There is a different emotion there for me now when I hear it (thanks to its association with the movie) that actually makes me want to hear it again for the zillionth time. This soundtrack is as well thought through as the movie.

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