8 Songs, 55 Minutes


About Tom Chiu, Judy Dunaway, Flux Quartet & Ryuko Mizutani

Violinist Tom Chiu was first violinist of the Flux Quartet in 1997. That year and the next, he also performed in the Virgil Moorefield Ensemble (with violinist Mat Maneri and baritone saxophonist Tim Otto) at Columbia University's American Festival of Microtonal Music. 1998's performance at AFMM was a theater interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve in which the musicians acted out the parts, improvising microtonally all over the chapel. Chiu has performed the work of such women composers as Ursula Mamlok, Hilary Tann, and Bun-Ching Lam, and performed at MoMA's 1999 Summergarden concert series. ~ Joslyn Layne