10 Songs, 32 Minutes


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5 out of 5

6 Ratings

6 Ratings

They're back!!!


I am soooooo happy that Prozzak is finally back with a new album!!! It's been so long! This album does NOT disappoint. So many good, upbeat, uplifting songs with great hooks. I love all the songs but my favorites have to be Forever 1999, If We Were In The Jungle and All of the Feels. Thank you Prozzak for making yet another amazing album!!! Hope there's even more to come in the future!! <3

All of the Feels! Forever 1999!


I am glad a reunion concert and a hook for an unused song sparked the Prozzak duo Simon and Milo's return. This is their 4th studio album (not counting "Ready, Ready, Set, Go") and it harkens back to the happier beats of "Hot Show" and "Saturday People" (even the artistic style of Simon and Milo themselves). I feel this album was tailored to the fans w/ nods like Forever 1999 and it even has the obligatory Milo song Hot. If We Were In the Jungle has that animalistic intent like "Hot Show"s Shag Tag and songs like Love Me Tinder and All of the Feels are representative of love and loss in more modern times like "Saturday People"s www.nevergetoveryou.

Prozzak has done some great work here yet again and I hope they continue to release more work going forward.

another hit


another fun album full of catchy songs that makes you smile and sing throughout the day.

About Prozzak

Canada's animated pop duo Prozzäk consist of slight, saucer-eyed singer Simon and strong-but-silent guitarist Milo. Voiced by Jason Levine and James McCollum of the Philosopher Kings, Simon and Milo searched for love and understanding on their debut album, Hot Show, which featured the wry single "Sucks to Be You." ~ Heather Phares




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