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The conception of Brazil's most famous percussionist, Airto Moreira (b. 5 August 1941, Itaiopolis, Brazil), best known as a side man to jazz legends Chick Corea and Miles Davis, Fourth World were formed in the late 80s as his return to the traditional sounds of his youth in Curitiba, Parana State, Brazil. Before moving to the USA in 1968 he had played with a number of bossa nova groups, including the Sambalanco Trio and Quarteto Novo. Fourth World additionally includes his partner, singer Flora Purim (b. 6 March 1942, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), José Neto (b. 1954, São Paulo, Brazil; guitar) and Gary Meek (keyboards, flute, saxophone), occasionally supplemented by the central duo's daughter, Diana Moreira. Their live activities were limited somewhat by Neto's main occupation, as Harry Belafonte's musical director, but in August 1992 they travelled to England to play five weeks of engagements at Ronnie Scott's clubs in London and Birmingham. These sessions provided the recordings issued on their self-titled debut album of 1992, the first of a number of inspired worldbeat sessions to see the light of day during the 90s.

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