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About Blackburner

An electro-EDM outfit based out of Los Angeles, California, Blackburner is the brainchild of producer/musician Skyla Talon. After moving to the East Coast from his hometown of Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Talon founded the modern metal outfit Killingbird. In 2005 he joined Scum of the Earth, an industrial metal unit fronted by former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs, Inspired by the dubstep stylings of artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5, Talon began releasing his original compositions under the Blackburner name via the Cleopatra imprint Hypnotic Records. Talons aggressive blend of rock, industrial, dubstep, and glitch began appearing on label comps around 2011, and shortly thereafter, the project started to yield full-length albums like Feel the Burn (2012), Planet Earth Attack (2012), Drop Bass Not Bombs (2013), From Dusk to Dub (2014), and Dog Eats Rabbit (2017). ~ James Christopher Monger

Los Angeles, CA



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