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232 Ratings
chasing_adalia ,

Madina Lake = Awesome!

Not much is to be said about Madina Lake... except that they will be taking the world by storm in 2007!

"From Them, Through Us, To You" is the first installment of what is to be amazing work from Madina Lake. This studio album, produced by Mark Trombino, is the product of hard work and creative ingenuity on the part of the four-member band from Chicago. (Nathan Leone - vocals, Matthew Leone - bass, Mateo Camargo - guitar, Dan "Chizel" Torelli - drums)

Their first smash of off the album, "House of Cards" has already made its debut on MTV and Fuse. But don't write off Madina Lake as another alt-rock band just yet. Madina Lake has amazing rhythms and passionate lyrics that will astound you. "In Another Life" combines steady beats with a flow of words that ooze emotion from every lyric. "Pandora" is upbeat and vicious, and will get stuck in your head and have you singing the entire day. "One Last Kiss" is a deep cut, but screamo fans should look for "True Love" to get them amped up. Other songs, such as "Stars," "Now or Never," and "Here I Stand," are sure to become favourites of any Madina Lake fan. It is a disc that can be listened to over and over again, all the way through each track.

[334490369] ,

Yes, I am Amazed.

Ok I love this band ALOT.
the 30-second clips don't do this album justice AT ALL.

THE AUSPICE - 6.9 weird, no? but it gives you a feel for the album's theme.
HERE I STAND - 8.8 pretty good, too MTV for me. Still cracks the top 5 on my Top 25 most played.
IN ANOTHER LIFE - 7.8 it's alright, i think it doesn't do Nathan's voice justice at all
ADALIA- 10 i love this song..its my fav on the album. On AOL music you can see Nathan and Mateo do an acoustic version and it seriously gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.
HOUSE OF CARDS- 9.5 Pretty Good, it was their first single. Definitly better than their new single, 'Here I Stand' (number 2), it's less pop, and more...awesome.
NOW OR NEVER- 8.3 It's OK i guess. This song never really did it for me like the other songs do.
PANDORA- 9.8 It's pretty amazing, really catchy and fun to listen to.
STARS- 9 Very meaningful, very lovely, and great lyrics. You just want to make the lyrics your myspace display name or something.
RIVER PEOPLE- 5.5 not really good, even though Matthew (bass) says it's his favorite song on the album. It's very monotnous and boring, i think.
ONE LAST KISS - 8.1 more pop-ish than 'Here I Stand', but not as catchy. The lyrics are better 'Here I Stand's though. The version of this song on the EP is alot better than this version.
ME VS THE WORLD- 9.9 Second Favorite song on the album. I feel like i can really connect to the lyrics.
MORNING SADNESS- 7.5 Emo is not my thing. I really wouldn't listen to this song over any other song on the album, besides River People, which i just plain despise.
TRUE LOVE- 8.6 The only song on the album with a decent amount of screaming in it. It doesn't really capture my attention the way i thought it would, though. It's pretty good, though, and Madina should do more screaming in their new album.

Me Vs. The World

Musicfreak91 ,

If you had the chance to save a dying cat or buy this cd you would buy this cd

I resently found madina lake on myspace... and I was literally instantly hooked on there catchy, and yet deep vocals and rythms. If you like punk-pop, or even alternitive I garuntee you will enjoy this album for the rest of your unnatural life!!!!

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