9 Songs, 44 Minutes

Mastered for iTunes
Mastered for iTunes

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16 Ratings

Tough to Review

James Owl

On the one hand her voice is totally beautiful, so great in fact, that it pulls you out to make you realize that this is what a real “woman’s” voice sings like, while all the feminine voices on the radio are just little girls singing obnoxiously with angst, or trying too hard to force a low sultry Lana Del Ray voice. This is the real deal. So pure and clean and powerful. Sounds like effortless perfect singing, in the style of Joni Mitchell at her best.

On the Other hand, the sound is very well mixed, BUT, the notes and chords are so basic and generic that it becomes distracting how simple the music accompaniments are. Most instrumentals on the songs are just the most basic scales and arpeggios that hundreds of other songs have used. There’s no reason the instrumentation should be so lazy and simplistic for an artist this talented. She needs to get real musicians orchestrating the sound to play to her voice to give her songs a vibe more authentic and original.

Hard to review, because she’s an AMAZING singer, with very mediocre music backing her

About Weyes Blood

Multi-instrumentalist Natalie Mering cut her teeth in the world of noise and experimental rock, playing bass in Portland-based freak rock collective Jackie-O Motherfucker for a time before venturing out solo around 2006. Originally billing herself as Weyes Bluhd, Mering's earliest releases arrived in the form of limited-edition cassettes, a great testing ground for her darkly folky songs that twisted around noisy, electronic undercurrents. Weyes Bluhd embarked on several tours, including a European stint with Brooklyn experimental act Axolotl. Moving to Philadelphia, Mering continued to develop her sound, sometimes playing shows billed as Wiseblood, sometimes joined by a rotating cast of backing players she dubbed the Dark Juices. It was with one incarnation of this backing band that she made her first widely received album, 2011's The Outside Room, released on Not Not Fun Records and attributed to Weyes Blood & the Dark Juices. Among other collaborations, Mering added guest vocals to the 2012 Ariel Pink album Mature Themes, and toured with him as well. Ever nomadic, Mering relocated to rural Kentucky for a time to study herbalism, and also spent time living in New Mexico and Baltimore before eventually landing in New York City in 2012. She followed her debut in 2014 with the pristine and autumnal sounds of The Innocents, released on Mexican Summer. EP Cardamom Times appeared in 2015. In 2016, Mering and Chris Cohen co-produced Weyes Blood's second Mexican Summer full-length, Front Row Seat to Earth. Weyes Blood and Ariel Pink collaborated on a 12" EP, Myths 002, which was released by Mexican Summer in early 2017. ~ Fred Thomas



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