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Chimera was formed in Belfast, Ireland, in 1990. Until Creed hit it huge, they were the most successful band on the label that was to eventually become Wind-up Records. Back when it was Grass Records, the band from Northern Ireland made a little splash in the United States and (due to that label folding and contractual issues) has not been heard from since. The lineup included guitarist Ted Laverty, bassist Steven Emerson, drummer Willie Vincent, and vocalist Eileen Henry. The band did enjoy the early trappings of success. Their early days saw a tremendous honor right out of the box as the U.K.'s NME magazine gave them the Single of the Week award. The award led to a recording session with producer Chris Nagle (the Wedding Present, Echo & the Bunnymen, Stone Roses, Joy Division, New Order, the Smiths, and the Charlatans). Chimera's U.S. debut was 1995's Day Star EP which included some lesser-produced versions of songs that would make their way to the band's debut full-length and two songs unavailable elsewhere. "2 Sunny" and "Let Me Be Around" were remixed and remastered for 1996's Earth Loop, but "Closer" and "Untitled" were not. A U.K. debut called Lughnasa (after the Celtic God of Harvest) was released in 1993, but for legal reasons, the band was forced to buy back all existing copies of the album. The band spent three-quarters of a year touring the United States with bands like the Sneaker Pimps, Blur, the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Throwing Muses, and Plexi. For one stretch of five weeks, Chimera out-charted REM in their hometown of Athens, GA. Compared most frequently (and favorably) to the Cranberries, the Sundays, and the Cocteau Twins, it is sad that Chimera has never seen a U.S. follow-up to Earth Loop. Supposedly the group worked on a third album for release in 1998, but its existence is unclear. ~ JT Griffith

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