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10 Ratings



Mark Cote's FUNHOUSE OF YOUR MIND is one of those CDs that comes along, stands tall and distinctive in the crowd, and is so exceptional that you stop and take notice.

FUNHOUSE is a themed body of work that is reminiscent of the Beatles (especially Sgt. Pepper), a day at the circus, an evening in a Broadway theatre, but is so much more. There isn't one track on this CD that isn't unique, delightful, and an absolute listening pleasure.

The music, the lyrics, the performance and the production are superior. I fell in love with Cote's music when I first heard some of the songs some four years ago on MySpace. His lyrics are exceptional, honest, raw, and extraordinarily relatable.

When the title track, "Funhouse of Your Mind" begins to play, you know that something very special is about to happen: secrets will be exposed, questions will be asked, mysteries will deepen (or be revealed) and stories will be told. This is one of those CDs that you can listen to a hundred times and still feel as though you were hearing it for the very first time.

Always something new


I have been enjoying this CD for quite some time now and every time I listen to it I hear something new to love!

Great Album!

Dirk McQuickley,

I heard the song "Fun house" on Jango as a new artist "do you like this?" thing while listening to my normal Jango selections. I listen to Jango quite a bit and this was the FIRST time I didn't give the new artist a thumbs down. I listened to this song thinking "man, this is like Moulin Rouge meets The Beatles and Crowded House- Very cool". Thought the song was great, went to Mark's website and heard the rest of the album. Sounds like a great record all the way around. Very atmospheric and tied together almost as a concept album. The graphics on his site totally reflect the mood I think of when I listen to it- a demented circus, and I thought that before seeing his website.

Great lyrics, great melodies, great playing, great vocals and harmonies, and excellent production. The ONE sorta negative comment I might give is that the songs are a bit too similar to each other. That being said, they stay in the "vibe" that I think Mark was going for, so that probably explains it. I love the album.

Well done! If there's anywhere where Ituners can download the album artwork, that'd be appreciated!