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9 Ratings

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Honest, Upbeat, and Gritty -- Scarlet Sails Best Work So Far


Future From the Past is Scarlet Sails’ first full length album (after a single, Wonder Why, and an EP, Scarlet Sails) and it is their best work to date.

Olya Viglione’s voice is robust and deep, sounding a little like Nico, but with more variety. Brian Viglione’s drums are always on point. Mark Kohut’s guitar is my favorite part of several songs — “As I Am” included. And Jesse Krakow’s bass moves synergistically with the drum track. At times it seems like the instruments are a river and Olya’s voice is a boat that carries us downstream.

The cinematic quality of the lyrics builds with each listen. By the third time I played the album, I was seeing whole little movies in my head. Each song on Future from the Past is single material, with its own different mood, but taken together they depict the journey of a person claiming her independence, falling in love after heartache, finding movement in stagnant places, and facing her fears.

It starts strong with “As I Am,” which sounds like vintage rock n’ roll. Had I heard it without knowing the band, I would have wondered if I were listening to a remastered song from the 70’s. Other standout songs are “Boy You’re Wrong,” “Spell My Name,” and “Alive.”

Future from the Past is one of those albums that I’ll listen to over and over again, and in my future, playing it will remind me of months and years of my life. I said recently that good music makes everybody a narcissist for a few minutes because it resonates so deeply that it feels like the song is about you. Future from the Past is one of those albums that can easily become part of the soundtrack of your life.

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Hell of good guys (and lady). Keep it going! Let's do this together!

About Scarlet Sails

Formed in New York by Russian-born singer, songwriter, and pianist Olya Viglione and her husband, former Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione, Scarlet Sails introduced their elaborate blend of piano pop and theatrical rock in early 2016. Citing influences from Alice Cooper to Queen to Marvin Gaye, the Vigliones, along with guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Edward Goldson, approached rock with a somewhat grandiose flair, veering from neo-glam to new wave with occasional doses of prog and classic rock. They debuted in January 2016 with a self-titled EP, following up in April 2017 with their ambitious first album, Future from the Past.