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The flirty opener simmers with a hot country rock verse that struts up to a sultry chorus with scant lyrics where Nettles merely elongates the "ooh" in the word "do" before easing back into the second verse like it was a hot tub. Nettles' soaring vocals in "Love" put the power back in "power ballad.”


The flirty opener simmers with a hot country rock verse that struts up to a sultry chorus with scant lyrics where Nettles merely elongates the "ooh" in the word "do" before easing back into the second verse like it was a hot tub. Nettles' soaring vocals in "Love" put the power back in "power ballad.”


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4.4 out of 5
1K Ratings
1K Ratings
hannahborroel ,

10 stars, at least <3

I just finished listening to the album for the first time through and I had to come rate this 5 stars right away!! The album is so emotional...its happy, fun, sad, heart-wrenching, and sooo refreshing.... each song sounds different from any other SL song or ANY other song, for that matter. Its country, its bluegrass, its rock, its acoustic & folksy... each song is a new exploration of the sound of SL! Jenn and Kristian have kind of taken a step backwards [towards the type of music they both used to play separately before Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles Band & Billy Pilgrim)], but at the same time, they took a step forward as Sugarland, as a country band, and as musicians/singers/songwriters/producers...everything... This album is amazing & if you aren't a SL fan yet, you must be crazy [first of all], but this album will officially change your mind :)

thatweirdreviewer ,


After hearing Twice the Speed of Life and Enjoy the Ride, I wasn't sure how Sugarland could follow up with their 3rd album!! As always, I am impressed with Sugarland. Love On The Inside is, by far, their best album ever!! I can't stop listening to it . Here's a track by track rating:
1. All I Want To Do - 8.5/10 - very catchy chorus - good choice for a first single
2. It Happens - 9/10 - quirky and fun, with a great beat. probably will be a single someday, good track.
3. We Run - 9.5/10 - one of the best slower songs on the album, Jennifer really makes you believe and feel the meaning of the song.
4. Joey - 7.5/10 - Not one of my favorite songs, but you can tell it holds meaning in both of their hearts.
5. Love - 8/10 - pretty good slower song, jennifer's vocals really shine on this one.
6. Genevieve - 9/10 - great chorus, and i love Kristian's vocals at the end.
7. Already Gone - 10/10 - my favorite slow song on the album!! rumored to be the 2nd single?? i hope so!!!
8. Keep You - 8.5/10 - really good, you can feel the emotion.
9. Take Me As I Am - 100/10 - AMAZING!!!! hands down, my favorite track on the album!! The beat is fantastic, the lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful , i can't stop listening to it!! hopefully a single!!!
10. What I'd Give - 6.5/10- Actually , I think this is the weak point on the album. The way the song is set up just doesn't do anything for me.
11. Steve Earle - 8.5/10 - Hilarious!!! In some parts of the song , Jennifer speaks and her twang is right on key!!!
12. Very Last Country Song - 9/10 - one of the better slow songs on the album, i like it and it has a very reflective vibe to it.
13. Fall Into Me - 8.5/10 - really good bonus track!! great chorus
14. Operation:Working Vacation - 8/10 - after a while, the little ringing voices singing "operation, working vacation" get a little old, but overall a good track.
15. Wishing - 7.5/10 - not my favorite, but a solid bonus track.
16. Life In A Northern Town (Live)- 10/10 - LOVE IT!! This is an amazing song and Sugarland and Little Big Town and Jake Owen cover it fantastically!!!1
17. Come On Get Higher (Live) - 9/10 - Enormously catchy song, and a great live performance from Jennifer and Kristian.
Overall, this is a FANTASTIC album!!!!! I reccomend buying the whole thing, you won't regret it. However, if you don't want to buy the whole thing , here are some suggested downloads: All I Want to Do, It Happens, We Run, Genevieve, Already Gone, Take Me As I Am, Life In A Northern Town (Live)

Cyrrona ,

I can't keep myself from following the sound...

As that line from “We Run” states, I just can’t keep myself away from this band. Sugarland's third album, Love on the Inside, will certainly be remembered as one of their finest works. Love is the core theme, and it shines through on every note. The album is truly a musical and spiritual triumph.

Many songs celebrate love (their current single "All I Want To Do," the innocent and passionate "We Run," and the sultry "What I'd Give"), while others explore the feelings that accompany its departure ("Joey," with its vague, haunting story, "Genevieve" and the chilling "Keep You"). "Already Gone," a warm and reflective piece, covers both ends of the spectrum. Perhaps the song that best captures the spirit of the album is "Love," a powerful ballad celebrating everything precious in this life we live. In addition to the central message, Sugarland also branches out to touch on other subjects. "Take me As I Am," a rock-flavored number, teaches self-worth through a character named Maggie Durant, while "It Happens" is a ligher, up-tempo song about learning to laugh when things go wrong. And the laugher doesn't stop there: the brash "Steve Earl" will have listeners rolling on the floor. "Very Last Country Song" paints a beautiful picture of country music's purpose. Finally, the five bonus songs are every bit as excellent as the twelve standard tracks, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Sugarland has really outdone themselves--with 17 terrific, deep songs, they have achieved something great with Love on the Inside. Their songwriting is stronger than ever, and they continue to bring fresh melodies to the table. This record is raw, emotional, and one of the finest to hit modern country music. Sugarland has proven time and time again that they're one of the top acts in country music today, and this album attests to that.

About Sugarland

Sugarland, the platinum-selling contemporary country act, began as a trio of songwriters from the Atlanta area, each of whom had enjoyed some level of renown as a solo country artist. Lead singer and songwriter Jennifer Nettles had previously fronted Soul Miner's Daughter, and her gospel background and deep soul approach to country music made her an ideal frontperson for the trio. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kristian Bush had formed half of the critically acclaimed duo Billy Pilgrim (along with Andrew Hyra), which had also released a pair of albums. Songwriter Kristen Hall had already released two solo albums on Windham Hill Records. The three musicians came together in 2002 and independently released Premium Quality Tunes, an EP of demo recordings (available online or at Sugarland shows), later that year.

After building a buzz with their live performances, Sugarland signed with Mercury Nashville and released a two-song single ("Baby Girl" b/w "Stand Back Up") in early 2004. Twice the Speed of Life, their multi-platinum debut album featuring production by Garth Fundis, was released the same year. At the end of 2005, Hall left the group and resumed her solo career. A second full-length record, Enjoy the Ride, appeared in 2006 and proved to be a huge success, garnering attention in both pop and country quarters. For 2008's Love on the Inside, the band's remaining members successfully lobbied Mercury Nashville to let them co-produce their own album and record in Georgia instead of Music City. The resulting album was the most organic of Sugarland's three records to date, and it spawned three chart-topping singles as a result.

Sugarland truly became superstars in 2009. The year yielded them platinum status for Love on the Inside; a prime-time network television special called Live on the Inside (which resulted in a live album of the same name); Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Performance; and, finally, their first Christmas recording, Gold and Green, which featured new holiday-themed originals as well as more traditional fare.

The duo's fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine, influenced by the so-called "steampunk movement" in science fiction circles, arrived in 2010. Propelled by the Top 20 pop hit "Stuck Like Glue," the album quickly went platinum. Several tours followed, as did Nettles' marriage and pregnancy in 2012. In 2013, with the band on hiatus, Bush released the solo single "Love or Money." Nettles also released a single that same year, and followed up with her own solo album, That Girl, early in 2014. Nettles and Bush announced their reunion at the Country Music Association Awards in 2017, releasing the new single "Still the Same" in December of that year. ~ Steve Leggett

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