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9 Ratings


Mark S Dube

What a breath of fresh air. I've been waiting for something different to come along to really get into music wise and these guys are it! Come back to Philadelphia so I can go to your concert. Your sound is awesome!

Simply Amazing


I first heard The Amazing on the film "Drinking Buddies", which is on Netflix and is great. The use of the their song "Dragon" hooked me completely. And as great as their first album is (I highly recommend buying the whole thing) their second album "Gentle Stream" is even better! The music is so original and intriguing, which is lacking in a lot of todays so-called "top-100-hits". I would love to have this on vinyl. The cover art is gorgeous!

1. Gentle Stream: one of the best songs on the album. When I first purchased this album, it was last winter, and we had several snow storms come through the area, and I have a 45 min drive to and from work. This album was perfect for the drive! It really adds a movie-like quality to reality.

2. Flashlight: I really love the flute on this track. Another solid song. This one borders on a jazzy feel while still keeping upbeat with its drums. Lyrically one of my favorites.

3. International Hair: Definitely one of the catchiest songs on here. The guitar work is lovely and the vocals are spot on.

4. The Fog: I must say it took several listens to really fall in love with this song. It sort of repetitive through the first half of the song. Again, while driving through a snow-laden wonderland, songs like this really take over and transform reality into something dreamlike. The guitar on the second half is entrancing and beautiful.

5. Gone: Again, very movie-like with its tone and light lyrics.

6. Dogs: somewhat reminiscent of Led Zeppelin in its guitar, which I personally love. The drums add a lot to a song like this, kind of like "The Kirwan Song" off of self-titled, which may be my favorite song by them thus far. The guitar for last few minutes is awesome. My favorite outro on the album.

7. Assumptions: Short and sweet, it seems almost as if this song belongs in an RPG game like "Chrono Trigger". There are vocals, but they act more as another instrument. The vibrato on the guitar is very calming. I wish they had lengthened this song into more than an aside.

8. When the Colours Change: Not going to lie, probably the only song I skip over. Not to discredit the song at all, but you have to be in the mood. This is the slowest song on the album, beautiful guitar work nonetheless, But the feeling that I expect to get and the vision in my minds eye for such a title, is just not what the song provides. Again, just have to be in the mood

9. Ghosts: A great end to a great album. The keyboards tie everything together very nicely, and you will find yourself rocking out a bit and air drumming to the beat. Very lovely vocals and lyrics.

About The Amazing

Swedish psychedelic indie rock outfit the Amazing were formed around the talents of Scandinavian underground luminaries Christoffer Gunrup (Granada), Reine Fiske (Dungen), Johan Holmegard (Dungen and Life on Earth!), and Fredrik Swahn (Anna Järvinen). Released by Swedish label Subliminal Sounds, the group's 2009 eponymous debut album featured guest appearances from Fredrik Björling (Dungen) and Eric Malmberg (Sagor & Swing). The Wait for a Light to Come EP followed in 2010. After issuing their second album, Gentle Stream, in 2011, the Amazing signed with American label Partisan and shuffled their lineup, subtracting Holmegard while adding bassist Alexis Benson and drummer Moussa Fadera. Their third LP, Picture You, was recorded in an intense three-day burst (with vocal and keyboard overdubs added later) and released in early 2015. They followed suit a year later with Ambulance, which captured their hazy meditations live in the studio with minimal rehearsing. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Stockholm, Sweden



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