12 Songs, 48 Minutes


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Matoue35 ,

Rektò vèso


Daphneyc ,

Recto Veso

Beautifully written,compose his words have such impact. It's incredible.

Winbertpas ,


Bic Tizon Difé is a poet that is on a special quest. His poetic pathway is paved of rhyme made of gold. Between pen and paper, there is that transcendental whisper that goes beyond the words. His words are made of soul. His soul is made of a spirit that lives in a rhythm that the Creole language has never seen before. He has a message. A message of love. Love for his country, love for his people. I know that the truth is painful to hear. But, he who does not tell the truth cannot love. On the canvas on our misery, he comes sketching his words only to help us seek some sort of transformation that can bring us change in our dear Haiti.
Best regards,
Jean Winer PASCAL

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