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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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Blind buy?!?

I'm buying this blindly. But what I've heard from these guys is truly amazing.

They had a single years ago for free and it is to date my most played song.

I am more than sure that what's to come next will not disappoint and have the same "stereophonic" dreamscape that I have come to long from the way-back 90's.
That may sound bias, but it's a great sound that I think a lot of people forgot. And the true meaning of going into a studio or recording with an idea of music is like a portrait to those that bring it together. Not individually but as a team a great musicians.

"40 watt" and "kiss kiss"
Has been the best music intro for me that once I heard and purchased "when she walks" I really could not throw money at these guys and/or Apple or whoever to get me more of this music

And "animal" has been wearing out my iPhone


Slow Grow But Strong

I bought this album because I loved 40 Watt and Animal. I saw them live last year before the album was out and it's one of the best live shows I've seen! When I found out that this was out I immediately bought it. I was a little disappointed in the album at first becuase a lot of the songs are different than I expected but I kept coming back to it because the songs kept getting stuck in my head during the day and now it's one of my favorite current albums! Kiss Kiss and Automatic are the closest to what I expected the album to be like and When She Walks and Almost To Memphis have become probably my favorites! It takes a little patience but it's worth it!

About ELEL

Formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2013 behind lead singer Ben Elkins, ELEL is an indie pop group that balances world music influences, vibrant arrangements, and a large membership with Elkins' contemplative songwriting. They scored a viral hit in 2014 with their debut single, "40 Watt," and a record deal with Mom + Pop Music. The song appeared on the ELEL EP in 2015 and earned the group an appearance in the 2016 Mike Birbiglia film Don't Think Twice. Sporting an official lineup of Elkins, Tim Cook (guitar), Stefan Forbus (saxophone), Jo Jo Jackson (bass), Alex Mojavarian (drums), Zach Tichenor (keyboards), and Fredrick Weathersby (trumpet), ELEL's first full-length, Geode, arrived in October 2016. Later that year, the band offered up a unique cover of Vince Guaraldi's holiday classic "Christmas Time Is Here." A pair of singles, the infectious "Be Yeah" and the lower-key "Early in the Morning," appeared in 2018. ~ Marcy Donelson

Nashville, TN



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