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4.8 out of 5

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66 Ratings



Great album once again. Love Get Busy Living and Show You How especially. Went to one of their concerts at Society in Durban a couple years ago. These guys are epic, this new album grows on you more and more as you listen to it!!!

Album is amazing


Goldfish is an incredible band! These 2 guys are so talented and their live shows are incredible too. This CD is my favorite by far. I have only liked a few songs off albums in the past but I like every song on this album, they are definitely finding their voice. It's going to be playing on my iPod for a while.. Unfortunately, these guys don't do shows in the US, yet - only in South Africa (where they are from) and Europe. Definitely check it out! Get Busy Living (the song) is great. I'd check that out first..

Great Buy


I first found Goldfish when I saw them in Pacha Ibiza and their live show blew me away. Easily one of the best live electronic acts I've seen (and I've seen quite a few). With live instrument playing, this musical duo blew my mind without the lights and effects that others use, but with sheer musical ability. The use of the upright double bass, flute and brass ensemble played is one of the most impressive live shows ever.

With this album they've learned to channel that live energy into 10 songs (and a radio edit) that gets you bobbing your head the first listen and singing along the second. I highly recommend this to anybody that likes jazz, electronic, disco or just good music in general.

Show enough support and maybe they will begin to tour outside their native South Africa and Europe and come overseas to the U.S. Definitely a group that deserves to have their album bought.

About GoldFish

Before changing the EDM game in South Africa as Goldfish, Dominic Peters and David Poole were mild-mannered students by day—and blew the roof off house parties by night. Their dynamite live performances, which mixed tireless house beats with jazz instrumental interludes, earned the attention of a swelling house and electronic music fan base. As their fame grew, so did their scope, scouring obscure sources for unique and cheeky samples that they twisted into endlessly fun hooks and choruses. Stirring African rhythms and melodies into the mix helped Goldfish evolve a uniquely South African house sound. Their burnished grooves are rooted in pure pop pleasure, invoking consequence-free dance explosions (without next-day regret). And a consistent string of chart-topping hits—and festival appearances as far flung as Miami and Ibiza—has helped Goldfish become one of the most influential groups in global electronic music.

Cape Town, South Africa




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