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Probably my favorite album ever,


besides Thank You. I love that one too. Come to think of it I actually love everything they put out. I've had it for like 2 years and I still listen to it all the time. Do as the album title says and Get It.



Absolutely amazing collection of musical gems... catchy, hooky, hummable, intricate. "Sometimes The Sun" and "Please, Please, Please" are two of my top-played tracks of all time. And I like a *lot* of different music. If you like well-crafted indiepop then buy this immediately.

About The Lashes

The Lashes features Ben Clark (vocals), Scotty Rickard (guitar), Nate Mooter (bass), Eric Howk (guitar), Mike Loggins (drums), and Jacob Hoffman (keyboards). The band, which formed in Seattle in 2000, combines punk rock energy and shiny, stylish power pop stylings for an infectious dance-driven sound. In 2003, the Lashes made their debut with the Stupid Stupid EP for Lookout! Sold-out shows with the Libertines and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists followed into 2004; before the year's end, the Lashes joined producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, Harvey Danger) for the recording of their debut album. Get It was issued on Columbia in January 2006. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Seattle, WA

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