15 Songs, 44 Minutes


About The Housewives

Comedy writer and lyricist Hope Juber; vocalist Maggie Mayall; and composer, singer, and actress Lisa Harrison make up the humorous group known as the Housewives. The threesome skillfully takes the everyday drudgery of being a housewife and set their situations into comical lyrics sure to tickle the funny bones of both male and female fans alike.

Each of the talented ladies from this group has an impressive list of credits to her name. Juber -- who happens to be the wife of acoustic guitarist Laurence Juber -- once played the part of one of Greg Brady's girlfriends on the popular Brady Bunch series. She later went on to write for comical movies like The Brady Brides and The Munsters Today. Mayall worked as a singer for Harvey Mandell's band before performing with her famous husband, bluesman John Mayall, on television, radio, and recordings. Harrison first stepped into the public eye as a regular on the long-running family series The Waltons. She also gave a lot of her time, and earned a lot of experience, traveling with the Celebrity USO Tour as both a dancer and a singer.

Performing together as the Housewives, the threesome have appeared on a number of television shows, including Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, The Home Show, and Hard Copy. In 1995, the Housewives recorded a debut album, Get the Dirt, released under the Beachwood Records label. The full-length offering features hilarious numbers like "I've Been Defrosting All Day," "Permanent Wave," "Ironing Bored," and "Football Widow." The album brought the group favorable reviews in magazines such as Glamour and Family Circle, as well as the Los Angeles Times and the Music Connection. ~ Charlotte Dillon