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A quintet from Louisville, KY, Flaw aims at creating relevance and lively meaning to the nu metal scene, using it as the foundation for dynamic, hard-driven music. The core of Flaw pulled together in 1996 when Jason Daunt placed an ad for a guitarist and Chris Volz answered. Volz's adoptive mother, an opera singer who had performed at the Kennedy Center, had helped develop his musical talent. After she committed suicide when Volz was 12, he spent years in various types of psychotherapy, gaining insights that bypass most people. It was from this experience that Volz shaped his personal style of lyrics, expressing how one gets through inner turmoil and hurts. Songs such as "Inner Strength," "Whole" (a song about his mother's death), and "Only the Strong" reflect his inner growth.

Originally calling themselves F. Law, the group decided it was more open than the name implied, that everyone and everything has flaws. Thus, they dropped the period and became Flaw. In 1997, Ryan Jurhs (five-string bass, background vocals) joined with Volz and Daunt, while the rest of the lineup kept revolving. Jurhs had just finished his stint with the Marines and was joining the music scene. Within a few weeks, Flaw recorded their first indie record, American Arrogance. Two of the eight tracks, "Amendment" and "Reliance," are also on the band's official debut album, Through the Eyes. The indie record opened the door for Flaw to open for bands such as Econoline Crush and Fear Factory. The band put out two more independent records, Flaw in 1998 and Drama EP in 2000, both of which were well-received. Flaw's lineup firmed up in 1999 when Chris Ballinger (drums) and Lance Arny (guitar) came aboard. Arny tended toward being a technical player, while Daunt went for the impromptu odd sounds, and Volz aimed his lyrics at the healing process in life and childhood. The combination worked.

In 2000, Flaw showcased at CBGB in New York where Republic/Universal heard them and signed them up. With David Bottrill (who had taken Tool and Peter Gabriel to the top) as their producer, Flaw began recording at Sound City in Los Angeles in early 2001. Republic/Universal released Flaw's official debut album, Through the Eyes, in October 2001 in both clean and explicit versions. While the album had a hint of the Tool influence, the uniqueness of Flaw remained solid and the album received rave reviews. ~ Eleanor Ditzel

    Louisville, KY

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