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Beauty. This is Beauty.

Thomas James77,

This album, from the first 30 seconds of "Ghost in the Valley" transports me to a different world. My heart ignited during "Shadows" and blazed throughout. This music transcends... I dont even know how to finish that sentence...
Amazing music that takes me places and enflames my heart. Beauty. Thi is beauty.

This is what they do best


Some seriously sweet sounds here, and what I love most is Dave and Licia’s sense of biblical theology. Here’s what I mean: they've seen the living, breathing drama that is the Bible and they’ve made that story their own.

Some of these songs are biblical stories told in a way that’s true to life, and some are their life stories told in a way that’s true to the Bible. Which makes for songs that resonate, no matter what your religious background is.

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