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NickLang86 ,

Put it in the canon

The first records I heard featuring solo drum compositions were Billy Martin’s “Illy B Eats the Groove” series. Granted, these recorded beats’ “purpose” was to be sampled by DJ’s, but to me the grooves stood on their own. Being that I was already knee deep in a Billy Martin phase, I soaked these records up for a long time.
Later, I found Max Roach’s “Drums Unlimited,” which featured several compositions for solo drumset. Even back in the day, Roach showed that the drumset could be a stand alone voice, playing melodies and themes, and developing them into a musical journey for the drummer and especially for the listener.
Nate Smith’s “Pocket Change” absolutely deserves a place in that canon of great solo drum records/compositions. They are clearly influenced by a lot of history (funk, rap, afro beat, Dilla, etc), and those influences directed these compositions’ stories accordingly.
Uncompromising, unwavering (except when emulating Dilla), and absolutely undeniable, “Pocket Change” has made its mark- nah, its declaration, in the drum set’s history.

Das Boone ,

How many

How many great enough to record a SOLO Drum album ?

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