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Mastered for iTunes

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105 Ratings

What rock is supposed to be


New mixed in with odes to rock greats past. Sit down and take a musical journey into the creative side of anti-pop rock. Listen to a band that is not afraid to try new. Listen to one of the most underrated bands in history. Listen to what the professional players listen to. Listen to what you never knew you where missing. Big Wreck.

I See Ghosts



Over a stripped down structure, killer baseline, a throwback disco beat, Floyd's picking pattern insert a big Thornley/Sumner chorus and you've got Ghosts. It's nearest rhythmic relative is Floyd's "Young Lust". Most of The Wall was in reaction/answer to the Disco revolution that was happening at the time; the driving beat that gripped pop music in the late 70's. It was completely anathema to rockers, but Floyd made it not only palatable, but kind of stamped the rock over the top of the whole scene. It is with this "ghost" that Big Wreck choses to dance. Ian's, respect for, and recognition of, Sting and the Police's echo of the same Floydian "ghosts", permeates the melody.

The subtlety throughout the track, from the delicate picking pattern that swells behind the verses, to the tight funk slide that kicks it off, shows a willingness to explore other flavors. Live, a little Floyd was sprinkled into the intro to Big Wreck's Ladylike over the years and now it's fair game for it's own tune.

Ian sings of longing for home, being bound by ghosts. As a musician carves out his own ground, among the influences that shape him, what does he call his own? Especially when they're drawn from ones that still reverberate today. It is a familiar Big Wreck theme, like Defined, from TPAG. It's a musical journey, but a personal one too. How do we escape the Ghosts of our DNA, or familial patterns we've inherited? Dust and light. Flesh and Spirit. Always a depth in the lyric that we expect from Ian.

As I said before, this is some different territory for Big Wreck. Not different process-wise, because it mines 70's prog for inspiration, like many BW classics have, but different because Big Wreck has never so boldly taken on disco/funk. Even if it comes though a Pink Floyd filter. And WOW what results! The spare sections of Beat and Bass set up Ian's sexy Roy Buchanan toned solos. The authenticity with which Chuck Keeping and Dave McMillan groove through this track belie their rock roots. You'd think they was funked out forever!

The huge chorus is forever burned in my mind, like it will be in yours. Melody rules on this album! The lines change in the last chorus as Ian is wont to do. And if my scars were tattoos, I could hide them in plain view… well he's doing it. The ride out is pure funk jam. Clean tone, sinewy lines, loose jam like Control and You Caught My Eye from Albatross with some tasty interplay.

Scars or influence; they're in plain view, and I for one, hope his Ghosts never let him go.



Since day one I have followed this band and have not once been disappointed in the product they deliver. If you are new to Big Wreck don’t wait…pick up all the albums, if you have a chance to see them live…go and support this band. Ghosts is another masterpiece to their discography. Thanks guys for recording harmony driven lyrics that stick in our heads, well conceived guitar licks and solos that give you goosebumps. Keep on rocking!

About Big Wreck

Canadian-American neo-prog hard rock outfit Big Wreck were formed by Ian Thornley (vocals, guitar), Brian Doherty (guitar), Dave Henning (bass), and Forrest Williams (drums). The quartet members met in the early '90s when they were studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Eventually, the four spent more time jamming together than attending class, and they soon decided to leave school to form Big Wreck. The group became a fixture around Boston and Cambridge, regularly playing local stages. After spending several years rehearsing and playing concerts, Big Wreck landed a contract with Atlantic Records in 1997. Their debut album, In Loving Memory Of..., was released in the fall of that year. Their sophomore effort, The Pleasure & the Greed, arrived in 2001, but after its poor commercial showing, the band broke up. Ian Thornley formed a new band, simply called Thornley, but after reconnecting with Big Wreck guitarist Doherty some ten years later, he took his band, along with Doherty, into the studio and recorded Albatross, which appeared in 2012 under the Big Wreck name. The slightly more prog rock-sounding Ghosts arrived in 2014, and was nominated for Rock Album of the Year at the Juno Awards the following year. In late 2016 Big Wreck issued the single "One Good Piece of Me" in anticipation of the release of their fifth studio long-player, Grace Street, which arrived in February 2017. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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