5 Songs, 19 Minutes


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5 out of 5

21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Gina Zavalis

The Lowry Agency

This is simple one of the finest CD's I have heard in many years. Gina's has the voice of an angel, it's beautiful and soars incredible heights on her songs. She has a passion that is tempered by control and brilliance. Gina brings a sound that is sorely needed into today's world of overdone vocal acrobatics with no control and lack of phrasing. The range of Pop/AC to Pop/Classical fit nicely together in this package and Gina's range and sense of melody are brought to the forefront. She is sure to be a household name in the very near future. Gina Zavalis is a rising star and I will surely not be one to miss it!

Gina Zavalis

Diana Rasch

Amazing range and simply BRILLIANT! Gina is natural talent with an amazing voice. Her voice is a blessing to all.



Congrats Gina!! So happy for you on the release of your first album!!:) - Erik

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