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4.4 out of 5
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344 Ratings

She has never disappointed us.

By the preview you can notice that she will deliver us another masterpiece. I feel like she is underappreciated sometimes, like by the people who classify her music as MOR. They just don't know what good music is anymore. Dido is one of the few artists I will always support, no matter what.



Dido went back to her old "No Angel" and "Life For Rent" roots for this album, but maintain the complex and soothing lyrics seen in "Safe Trip Home". The released tracks so far have been great. If you've never heard of Dido check out the songs "Life for Rent", "Sand in My Shoes", "Christmas Day" and "Don't Leave Home". Those are my favorites by her.


Ruined by stupid people talking

So most the album is lovely, with Dido's beautiful voice. Then suddenly in several of the songs, some stupid person comes on and starts talking for no reason. It is in no way pleasant, and their voices are especially grating. I think some people refer to this as "rap". I prefer to put a "c" at the beginning of that word. Why did she ruin the album by doing this? It's just awful. I think this is my last Dido purchase. Maybe I should just delete the songs with random talking and try to enjoy the rest, but why should I have to waste time doing this just to avoid my music library giving me a headache?

About Dido

The electronic pop chanteuse Dido entered London's Guildhall School of Music at age six; by the time she reached her teens, the budding musician had already mastered piano, violin, and recorder. After touring with a British classical ensemble, she accepted a publishing job. Meanwhile, she sang with a series of local groups before joining the trip-hop outfit Faithless -- helmed by her older brother, the noted DJ and producer Rollo -- in 1995. The group released its debut album, Reverence, the following year. It went on to sell over five million copies worldwide, and Dido parlayed her newfound success into a solo deal with Arista Records.

Dido's ethereal solo material combined elements of acoustic pop and electronica. She released her debut LP, No Angel, in mid-1999, and supported the release by joining the Lilith Fair tour that summer. However, her biggest break arrived in 2000, when rap superstar Eminem sampled one of her tracks, "Thank You," for the chorus of his hit single "Stan." The result was a surprisingly touching song, and demand for the Dido original quickly escalated. "Thank You" became a Top Five smash in early 2001, as did the accompanying No Angel, whose album sales topped 12 million copies worldwide by the time Dido returned to the spotlight two years later.

In September 2003, she released her long-awaited follow-up, Life for Rent. This sophomore effort was layered with personal hardship and heartbreak, marking some of Dido's more honest material yet. An eagerly anticipated record, it became one of the fastest-selling albums in U.K. history, quickly going multi-platinum at home while also moving several million copies in America. Following a world tour, Dido once again retreated from the public eye in 2005 to work on her third solo release. Safe Trip Home arrived in 2008, featuring collaborations with Brian Eno, Mick Fleetwood, and Citizen Cope. Shortly after this, she recorded the single "Everything to Lose," which subsequently appeared on the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack. In 2011, she worked with producer A.R Rahman on the single "If I Rise" and began work on her fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away, with producers Rollo Armstrong and Jeff Bhasker, as well as guest producer Brian Eno on the track "Day Before We Went to War." Described by herself as a "big, fun electronic extravaganza," the album was scheduled for release in early 2013 ~ Jason Ankeny

Kensington, London, England
December 25, 1971




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