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5 out of 5

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Beyond Unique....


It's rare for an artist to have such an original voice/stylistic pressence in the jazz genre, considering the weight of influence
from the founding 'fathers'. Lage somehow manages to avoid EVERY cliche known to jazz to come up with something so
unique and deep, that mere words on a page cannot do him justice. This is his second release and it's simply breathtaking
from start to finish, ebbing and flowing through a variety of stylistic shifts and moods, yet cohesive and complete in every
aspect. This will be a new benchmark for the newer generations of players to aspire to. SImply in a league of his own.



Like the previous review stated: words can not do this cd justice. This album is simply fantastic. Its entirely original in every way. Lage's style has grown so dramatically in comparison to his earlier recordings, and its this growth that is going to set him apart from is contemporaries. A must buy.

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