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4.8 out of 5
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8 Ratings

Still Amazing

Reminds me of Miami during the fun days without social media and people went to dance and have fun without their phones.

IcarasX ,

So happy to see classic GU on iTunes, however Track 8 is the same as Track 5!

This is it! GU is finally digging into it's gold mine back catalogue of classic DJ albums and rereleasing it and I couldn't be happier. I hope this is just the first of ALL the past Global Undergound city and NuBreed albums that will see a rerelease.

I have a couple of problems. First of which are a couple of wierd audio glitches, perhaps inherited from the first encoding. For example, listen to the last track from around the last 10 minutes of the first continuous mix (i.e: 1:08). There is some audio skipping and it sounds like a bad CD rip. Hope GU fixes this.

Second, and a bigger problem is that track 8, "Sacred Dance" is an exact copy of Track 5, "Drop Beat". If you don't believe me, and haven't yet purchased the album just click on the samples and listen right now. The hint is also in the run time...which are exactly the same.

Will raise my rating back to five stars once GU resolves these issues for us.

HooDoll ,

One of the best GU mixes

Of all the GU city series mixes (numbering 39 and counting), Toronto is one of the premiere mixes. Compared to the most recent city series release, Hamburg, the Toronto mix blows it out of the water. There is only one gripe about this release-most of the tracks are album only. Other than that, compared to the $20 price tag I paid when it came out in 2003, $11 is a steal. Like another review posted, I hope GU releases all the city series. Ibiza, Athens, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Moscow, Uruguay, Melbourne-these are just a few among many great mixes put out by GU.

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