12 Songs, 34 Minutes


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111 Ratings

A little disappointed

At first I was excited to see this album available by single songs (at .99/each). Then somebody, somewhere, changed it up and now you can only buy the album with all of the songs. That's not very nice to switch things up after you made it available. I just want the Trevor Rabin score, not all the other stuff.


Disappointed, too. Why?

Responding to the person who expressed disappointment that all of a sudden, you have to buy the whole album. I have most of the classic songs already, but really wanted just the Alicia Keys songs. Why did that happen, and who was responsible for all of a sudden doing a bait-and-switch?


this is insane ... change it back!

why ???

i was very touched by the Glory Road (score) thats the only song that i want, why do i have to buy the whole stinkin album to hear one song ??? someone please stop this and change it back to 0.99 a piece

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