12 Songs, 28 Minutes


About Sick On the Bus

British hardcore punks Sick on the Bus got together in late 1990 following the breakup of the legendary U.K. punk outfit Varukers. Initially materializing around drummer Kev, vocalist Doug, and Varukers vets guitarist Biff and bassist Brian (who had also played together in Death Sentence), they played their first gig two months after forming, but only got through four songs before they were ordered to get off the stage and leave. Taking influence from the likes of G.B.H., U.K. Subs, and Motörhead, Sick on the Bus had recorded their first demo, Get Sick, by the year's end. It was released in early 1991, as their brash and reckless music continued to get barred from venues and rehearsal spaces alike.

Kev and Doug next exited the group, and for three years, their positions remained in flux before Biff eventually decided to take up vocals himself. Second guitarist Tony joined up along with Paul behind the drum kit. With this lineup, the guys managed to tour and record the 1995 single Scary in the Dark (Bip Records) and 1996 self-titled full-length (Bus Pop Records). Tragically though, Paul passed away from leukemia before the album's mix was complete. Ex-Legion of Parasites drummer Wag entered the fray for 1997's Suck on Sick on the Bus Fuck Heads, which was released on Get Sick to favorable reviews. They toured around Europe with Contempt before Punk Police appeared on Data Records in 1999.

Touring continued at home and abroad. Their prior self-titled effort, which had since sold out, was next remixed and renamed Set Fire to Someone in Authority for a spring 2000 re-release on Data. By the beginning of 2001, Sick on the Bus had hooked up with New York-based Go Kart Records. The label compiled Punk Police and Suck on Sick on the Bus Fuck Heads into a double-album release, which was issued stateside midyear along with Set Fire. That same year, the band headlined dates around Europe and served as main support for the Damned's U.K. run. Their next full-length, Go to Hell, was released in fall 2002 in the U.K., but due to various label difficulties, didn't appear in the United States until July 2006 through SOS. The greatest-hits collection Piss & Vinegar appeared around the same time. Various additional lineup changes occurred through the years, and by 2006, Sick on the Bus were comprised of Biff, Brian, Tony, and drummer Skum. ~ Corey Apar