10 Songs, 37 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.2 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

Echo_Deep ,

Good drummer and good mixer back

They got Joe back for this album, who is a superior drummer in my opinion, so that's nice. Also, they ditched that pathetic excuse for a mixer, Howard Benson, who's now ruined both Skillet and Red albums (Looking at you "Release The Panic" and "Rise"). So at least the mix sounds balanced and crisp like it should. A few of the songs on here get your head moving, and they're less weird than Of Beauty And Rage. That's the problem though. I can only seem to give merit to this album for at least the bad things it's NOT. Red hasn't been very good since Until We Have Faces...ah well.

Zach123459876 ,

Hymn For The Missing

I have loved Red my entire life. Their songs have gotten me through some tough experiences. I have bought almost every single song they have made, even the album Release the Panic. However, this album, this is not Red. I refuse to purchase any of these songs, as it is not the band I grew up loving. This album makes me embarrassed to say I like Red, and makes me feel almost betrayed. I have lost yet another great band to hip hop. If you compare their songs, even from just the last album... You’ve got so many iconic vocals and beautiful instrumentals, rivaled by no other bands. Now what you have with this new album, is a bunch of beats with maybe a couple of songs which have even a piano. Go listen to Let it Burn, or Pieces, or Of These Chains, or Shadows. All of which surpassed every expectation. Now listen to their “number one song” Gone, and try to even compare it. I dare you. We truly have lost an amazing band.

billbobjoebob ,

Not the same

This isn't the sound they used to have, it used to be heavy, and really deep, like their songs “Fight Inside”, or “Confession”, Im sad to see RED do this

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