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This whole album is addicting!! What a way ti start summer off!!

a great mini!


despite everything that is going on right now, I’m just gonna say this mini album is filled with bops! its hard for me to choose a favorite track because all the songs sound really good! although i’m gonna give a shoutout to Mina in Still Falls the Rain, she sounds really great, i will be looking forward to more AOA tracks that feature Mina’s singing.

oh, maybe there is a teeny bit problem with this mini, Chanmi doesn’t have any rap parts? i thought after her showcasing her skill in I’m Jelly Baby, she’d be at least given more rap lines. but her singing voice is good.

overall, AOA never disappoints, even with the departure from using Brave Sound as producer. so, good luck to aoa girls and i hope they can stay strong during this promotion period.

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