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Buy this now...SO good

Cambridge Fan!,

For real, this album has been on repeat in my apartment/car/office for the past week since I bought it. The Main Drag are my new favorite band and everyone should check them out! This record is AMAZING! TMD put on a great live show (caught them at Hennessy's with Tigercity, ALSO AMAZING) and man is this a fun, lively, mature and consistent record! I especially love the drumming on Dove Nets! It sounds like he's playing 3 beats at once!! This is a great record for any fans of Broken Social Scene, Notwist, Postal Service, Arcade Fire, Blanks. or any other good band. Like the Beatles? You'll like Dove Nets. Like Junior Boys? You'll like Love During Wartime! Like Mozart? You'll like the string break in Car Windows! I can't say enough about this record. Buy it right now. Stop reading. Seriously. Don't Read this...just buy it. It's that good.



It saddens me that I had to learn about this band from Rock Band. At least they will start to get the publicity their work deserves.

About The Main Drag

An artful "quirk pop" group whose musical palette ranges from swirling, ethereal folk-pop to orchestrated electronica, Boston-based the Main Drag are as versatile as they are clever (and they are clever, counting a couple of Harvard University grads in their lineup). Formed by Adam Arrigo (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, glockenspiel) and Matt Levitt (violin), the band has expanded to include Matt Bloch (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, trumpet), John Drake (drums), Jon Carter (guitar, bass), and Don Cardinal (bass), and together they make a formidable musical collective. The group's first album, Simmer in Your Hotseat, was released in 2005 on Boston-based indie label Endless Records, after which the band signed with Reasonable People's League (RPL Records) and issued the impressive and critically lauded Yours as Fast as Mine in 2007.

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