11 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Last Days of April

The Swedish indie pop band Last Days of April is composed of Karl Larsson (vocals/guitar), Lars Taberman (guitar), Andreas Fornell (drums), and Daniel Svenfors (bass). They came together in 1996 and found themselves a part of the Swedish hardcore scene by the next year thanks to the success of their demo. "Untold" and "Never Apart" were popular singles and Tim Bertilsson of Trust No One Records was taken by the band's sweet rock sound. In 1997 Last Days of April issued a self-titled effort, while The Wedding EP was released on Bad Taste the following year. The Japanese label Straight Up also took interest in the band, issuing Last Days of April's second record, Rainmaker, in 1998; the band would spend the next two years touring across Europe with the Bufferins and the Promise Ring in support of Rainmaker.

The new millennium gained new promise for Last Days of April. Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt helped the band record a third album, Angel Youth, in 2000. New York's Deep Elm Records signed the band to an American deal and released Angel Youth in the States in mid-2001. Ascend to the Stars was Last Days of April's fourth release for Bad Taste; it too was produced by Gunnerfeldt, and was issued domestically via the band's new deal with Crank! Subsequent full-length outings include If You Lose It (2003), Might as Well Live (2007), Gooey (2009), 79 (2012), and Sea of Clouds (2015). ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Stockholm, Sweden