12 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes


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Rachel E.S. ,


I'm a huge sonic fan, especially regarding its music, and even though these tracks are slow and take their time I really dig the vibe of Escape From The City & Ice Cap Zone! Ice Cap Zone overall engrossed me the most, for whatever reason I've never understood why every sonic fan jizzes over Ice Cap Zone, but Ace's version of this song speaks to my love of synthwave in a way that I can finally appreciate this song like never before. All the songs show a great appreciation for the subject matter in a way no one has looked at it before. Well done Ace! <3

JMBricks ,

Soothing Tunes

I just became a Sonic fan. Sonic Mania is my first Sonic game. But I've heard these songs, and they are FANTASTIC here.

I love hearing your style on these, Ace. Your style is really evolving and maturing! I love the more pop-ey style of Sonic Heroes(great feature from Javed).

Thanks Ace. Keep making music.

acewatersthe3rd ,

such a sassy sailor

gotta eat this potato salad up, yum yum yum!

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