4 Songs, 14 Minutes


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5 out of 5

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12 Ratings



Once in a great while, you come across a band that makes you think, "How did a group of such amazing musicians all come together in one place?" This is without a doubt, definitely one of those bands. They've been through a lot and this EP goes to show that it is doing nothing less than making them better with every change and struggle. I am so thankful for these guys making music, and would absolutely die if they stopped. The day these guys stop making music is going to be one of the saddest days of my life. So if you're a fan of music at all, this EP is definitely a must buy!

Grace :)


Never cease to amaze me. Beautiful music, guys.



i used to play in:aviate all the time. then i played it out too much and came back to it a month ago. i started playing it a lot and wonderd if they had a new cd i could buy. they went on hiatus and started this band. amazing songs. i love this. make more music. stay making music! anyways, if you like this band, listen to in:aviate. its a little more "heavy" than this stuff but really amazing songs.

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