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Sara Ramirez is incredible in The Story!!!

I'm sorry but...

Jessica Nichole,

I wanted to like this album because Grey's Anatomy features so much great music and I have discovered several artists that I love because of the show...however...most of the album is just simply painful to the ears. I don't have anything against covers of songs, they can even be better than the originals in some cases, or at least as good with a different twist. These are just bad. The production quality sounds horrible and I realize that they are working with some actors that have never done any real singing...but wow. Some of the songs are just cringe inducing like "Running on Sunshine", and "How to Save a Life", while I only found two that were even tolerable (barely), "Universe & U" and "Grace". While neither one of those even come close to comparing to the originals. Just save your money and buy the originals.

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