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Well Worth The Wait


Loved these guys since before they were signed! It's been a long wait but I have to say WELL WORTH IT! Buy It!



I haven't been this excited over an album in a long time. Every song on this album is incredible and I haven't gotten bored with it once while listening to it. I love screaming and heavy breakdowns as much as the next guy but this is probably the best album put out in the music scene today. The vocals are simply unmatched and the instrumentals blend in a melodic and powerful way. I know it's early but I'm just gonna go ahead and call it. Best album of 2012.

About Hands Like Houses

Australian post-hardcore band Hands Like Houses formed in 2008, made up of members from disbanded groups Eternal Debut and So Long Safety. The group comprised singer Trenton Woodley, keyboardist Jamal Sebet, drummer Matt Parkitney, guitarists Alexander Pearson and Matt Cooper, and bassist Joel Tyrrell. The band released a few singles in 2011 before the release of its 2012 debut full-length, Ground Dweller. The album charted on the Billboard Top 200 charts, as did its 2013 follow-up, Unimagine. In September 2014, they released the remix EP Reimagine. A couple months later, Sebet parted ways with the group. In April 2015, the band began work with producer James Paul Wisner (Underøath, Paramore) on its third LP. After some minor setbacks, Dissonants was released in February 2016. ~ Fred Thomas

    Canberra, Australia

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