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JHop777 ,

Your soundtrack to hours of luchador carnage and exploration!

What more can be said about Guacamelee! other than that it was a major blessing to the PSN over the course of the past year. Many games come and go, but few indie titles really know how to thrown on the polish, as well as the hooks, that draw you back in for more and more. Refining the tried and true platforming aspects of games from years gone by as well as tossing in some excellent fighting mechanics truly makes this one experience you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

What sealed the deal for me was the soundtrack. Equally zany and boisterous, Guacamelee! never takes itself to serious in the music department, and in return it only aids your adventure just that much more. Hats off to the developers and the musical composers of Guacamelee! for crafting something very unique unto itself.

To anyone who reads this, pick the game up on PS3 or the PS4. An inevitable release on next gen systems may come to fruition. Enjoy!

Dmqza ,

Best Mexican-themed skeleton suplexing chicken-filled game ever!!!!!! And a suggestion.

This is by far the best Mexican music I have ever heard. Also, can you please add Canal de las Flores world of the living and world of the dead please? It will be enjoyed by many people, including me. Thank you, and have a good day!

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